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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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this afternoon, the terrorism threat level is still at its highest level in belgium. in the wake of tuesday's terror attacks there. because we have learned the search is still on for one of the suspects right now. good afternoon, and thanks for joining us. for the news at noon. i'm mike hydeck. nick has been tracking the developments all morning long. >> reporter: several news outlets are backing off the report, the suspected bomb
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in fact contrary to those reports the belgium prosecutor said in a press briefing a few hours ago, the man hunt is still ongoing. >> a grief stricken scene in belgium, officials looking at what some could really describe as a nightmare. >> i think it is unreal. and maybe tomorrow we will wake up and it will have never happened. >> reporter: details of what did happen in tuesday's attack began to emerge early wednesday morning. isis claiming responsibility for those attacks. the belgian prosecutor stated, only one of these three suspects in the brussels airport attack had been identified. the man in the middle. 29-year-old ibrahim el bakraoui. believed to be one of the suicide bombers along with his brother, khalid el bakraoui who blew himself up at the molenbeek subway station according to the prosecutor. the suspect seen wearing the pail coat and the dark hat at the airport has not been identified but is now the subject of a man hunt. and
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wednesday morning. investigators believe he left behind a bag at the airport that was found to have the heaviest load of explosives and blew up after the damage had been done, and the bomb squad was on the scene. so again, at this hour, it appears that the search continues for that third airport suspect. along with several others possibly linked to the attacks. the prosecutor said one person was in fact detained in a raid conducted overnight. that person still is under questioning at last check. mike? >> thank you, nick. if you take metro, you may have seen extra police during your morning commute. and that will continue throughout the day after the brussels attack. transit police and other agencies are stepping up security, especially at union station. nikki burdine is there now with a look. >> reporter: right now, the stepped-up patrols are purely a precaution. there is no immediate threat to the dc area. and still, most everyone i talked to here at union station tells me the more security, the better. >> i had never seen three squad cars out there.
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station were a surprise for jordan and friends, it was a welcome one. >> seeing the police out here, i feel safer. >> for joy, not only she was she pleased to see them, but counting on it. >> yes, i was expecting it. and i would have been disappointed if i hadn't seen it. >> reporter: she took a commuter train from maryland and then the red line, where she says she noticed more canines, and more police on boats. and that will be the case all over the area today. officers from several agencies teaming up and sharing information. more canines on trains. and at transit hubs. police have been reminded of their active shooter protocol. and to be on the lookout for any unattended bag. for some though, this is not enough, after the attacks in brussels. >> i didn't ride today. i probably won't for a while. >> i will let it die down. >> reporter: others want to see this kind of security every day. >> having police officers on the trains, regularly clothed, wouldn't make me feel safer unless it is a consistent thing and not just do it for a couple of weeks and stop doing it. >> it is
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extra security will be in place. outside, i'm nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> and you can get the latest information on the brussels attack and metro security on the wusa 9 mobile app. it is free. the supreme court is hearing a case today that pits religious freedom against birth control. religious groups are challenging the part of the affordable care act which requires companies to cover birth control for employees. now, it is only eight justices hearing the case. after the death of conservative justice antonin scalia last month. a murder investigation is under way in prince george's county this afternoon. police rushed to hill mar drive in district heights after getting reports of a body lying outside a town home there. neighbors are very shaken. mikea turner has more. >> i'm frightened. i am frightened because times are changing. >> reporter: wanda mack has lived in the regency meadows community for more than 20 years and never expected to see this on her way in to work. a street she parks on often,
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>> i parked my car over there last night late and i just walked on into my house. i felt comfortable. now, maybe not so comfortable walking at night. >> we wouldn't expect nothing like this. like it is a school right at the end of the block. >> reporter: police were called to hill mar drive around 5:30 wednesday morning. a spokesperson for police says a man was found outside of a town home on this street. he was pronounced dead on the scene. police are investigating how he died. investigators spent hours looking for answers and evidence. frightened neighbors say they didn't hear anything, between last night and the wee hours of the morning. knowing a man was killed, just foot steps from their doorsteps, is scary. and unnerving for people like lakesha hood with five kids. >> crazy. like i don't know. i'm just scared for my kids. >> reporter: reporting from district height, mikea turner, wusa 9. >> and investigators are still looking for more information in this. if you know anything about the crime, please call ce
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george's county police. also in prince george's county, a police officer and her husband are indicted on theft and conspiracy charges. prosecutors say officer sheets even though she was not working. she was able to collect more than $200,000 in this pay scheme. prosecutors say her husband harold jimmy sims a retired police officer knew all about the alleged scheme. virginia state police are investigating a deadly officer- involved shooting that happened during a traffic stop. and an officer stopped a suspect tuesday, along hemlock drive near braihead drive. investigators say the officer stopped him, because of an outstanding warrant. that driver though, took off, and then eventually crashed into a ditch. the officer shot him in the leg as he tried to run away. he died at the hospital a short time later. they want to prevent sexual assaults in schools. so child advocates are rallying at the state capital in annapolis maryland today to support legislation they believe could make a difference. senate committee is considering bi
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place to raise awareness about sexual assault. and help to prevent abuse. the measure passed the house of delegates by 133-6 votes. president obama and the first family are in argentina now, for a two-day visit. air force one touched down in buenos aires early this morning. and the heads of state will discuss trade, energy, education, and the environment. but it is not all business. president obama and his wife will be the guests of honor at a state dinner tonight. still ahead on the news at noon, a response to the brussels attacks divides presidential candidates as the delegate count gets more difficult for one front- runners. >> how a harrowing high speed chase ended in houston.
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suspected carjacker and another guy are in handcuffs, now, after a harrowing chase and crash near houston this morning. the two men are accused of an armed robbery in a nearby town, and then apparently carjacked the owner of a truck to make their get-away. the driver ends up t-boning another truck, and there you go, and then was trapped. his partner took off, you can see him on foot there, and was caught a short time later. the other driver, believe it or not, who was stuck in the crash, only suffered minor injuries. very fortunate there. and at this point, phoenix firefighters say they are just going to let this fire burn itself out at a recycling plant. fighting a massive fire since yesterday. and the strong winds in phoenix made it nearly impossible to snuff the whole thing out. this plant is not far from phoenix sky harbor international airport. more than 150 firefighters responded. so far, no injuries reported. so do you have the guts to strap on your skis and do this? >> a skier with a go pro, on the brink. 14,000 feet up.
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the video was posted by the facebook group, i love switzerland. it has been viewed more than 7 million homes in the last two days. the forecast here, stunning. howard, take it away. >> yes, we are enjoying some nice spring weather and one thing we're enjoying, near peak on the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin. if you go down, i want to caution you that the tee tree pollen is in the high category. grasses and mold is low. you may need to take allergy medicine. i will come back and talk about the warm stuff and talk also about the coming easter holiday weekend. coming up on the other side of the break. it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way.
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but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges oamur filies face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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welcome back. campaign 2016 time now. the republican and democratic front-runners continued a march toward the nomination. hillary clinton and donald trump won the big prize of arizona in tuesday night's elections but as craig boswell report, their main challengers also picked up some wins and that keeps them in the race. >> hillary clinton was happy to take selfies with supporters after a tuesday night rally in seattle. she told the crowd, she was proud to have their support. >> i am also very proud to have won arizona tonight. [ cheering ] >> clinton won in arizona, picking up 51 delegates. but bernie sanders had victories in two states, and added more delegates to his roster. but he still trails in the overall delegate count. >> donald trump also picked up a win in arizona but came in third place to ted cruz in utah. this will make it harder for trump to gain the 1,237 delegates before the convention in july. >> the elections out west were overshadowed by the terror attacks in brussels. the fight against te
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presidential race, especially after a proposal ted cruz made after the attacks. >> cruz said, we need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods, before they become radicalized. he defended the comment on cbs this morning. >> the first obligation of the president as commander in chief should be to keep america safe. and i will tell you this. i will apologize to nobody for how vigorous i will be as a president fighting radical islamic terrorism, defeating isis. >> for once, donald trump agreed with cruz's proposal. but john kasich and the two democrats all disagreed, calling it a dangerous plan. >> craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. and you can keep up with campaign 2016 any time, through our free wusa 9 mobile app. we have the updated results from the primaries and the caucuses and what the caatndides are saying when they are on the campaign trail now. another case of someone trying to jump the fence at the white house. this one happened yesterday
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an individual jumped over that temporary bike rack that is right outside the fence. the person was detained immediately and the president and first family of course are on an overseas trip right now. food, scientific experiments and equipment, all on the way to the international space station. the unmanned ship launched last last night, from cape canaveral in florida. and it is carrying 8,000 pounds of food, scientific experiments and equipment. and one piece of equipment, a commercial grade 3d printer for building parts in space. it is scheduled to reach the station saturday morning. they will try to create fire up there, kind of scary. a hotel in harper's ferry is going green. the company river riders is opening the first solar powered hotel in west virginia today. along u.s. highway 340 near state route 27. river riders leads white water rafting and tubing and kayaking and other adventures on the shenandoah and
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they built the inn on the site recently. google honoring a 15-year- old student at dc's eastern high school. akia johnson won google's nationwide doodle competition for students. her doodle was featured on the google home page all day yesterday and the day before. it celebrates her african- american heritage. >> i look at my art like it is amazing, or like i just -- it just makes me feel so excited inside. >> she wins a $30,000 college scholarship, excellent, congratulations and eastern high school gets a $50,000 education technology grant, and which is also pretty terrific. have you seen this online? the couple who celebrated the birth of their baby with complete strangers? >> a friend sent out a group text to help announce the baby and a guy named derrick williams was accidentally added to the message. he didn't even know the parents but that didn't matter. williams and his brother showed up at the hospital, with gifts anyway. and the family posted g
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really cool. so why are so many bald eagles dying in the mid atlantic? this time, delaware. five eagles found dead in the piney neck area of sussex county. and you may remember about a month ago, 13 bald eagles were found dead in fredericksburg, maryland. eli hatch says they hope it is not a sick person responsible for this. >> i don't like the thought of that. because i feel very protective and i feel that they belong to me, as an american, and we do have them in our backyard. >> so far, investigators believe there is no link between the case in delaware and the case in maryland as well. the 2016 cherry blossoms are almost at their peak and the weather could not be more perfect for thousands of people expected to make their way to dc. wusa 9's newest meteorologist melissa nord spent the morning talking to people pretty excited about the trees. >> people began to trickle in along the tidal basin before the first signs of light this morn
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this year's peak blooms of the cherry blossoms. >> i enjoy the photography. and trying to get the ultimate shot every year. >> he kind of took pict uresof every good thing we saw. >> hobbyists, professional photographers, and even couples, taking engagement photos. everyone has a similar reason of why they come back year after year. the beauty and the elegance of the cherry blossoms. >> very romantic. and nice. and to know that we will have the beautiful cherry blossoms in our pictures, it is just wonderful. >> there were dozens of photographers out here this morning, taking photos of the cherry blossoms. but there was one photographer in particular that was doing something a little unique to get just the right shot. >> it is called light painting. and i use an l.e.d. flashlight to light up the cherry blossoms. so that the exposure gets maximum color on the cherry blossoms and on the print. >> each year, the blooming trees draw 1.5 million people to the area. and after seeing the
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year. >> now, i want to make sure that it is a tradition for us to come every year. >> with more springtime warmth in the forecast, in the upcoming days, it will be perfect for viewing this year's peak blooms. in washington, meteorologist melissa nord, wusa 9 news. >> never gets old looking at those, does it? well it is pay back time for all of those school days lost to the snow this winter. prince george's county says it is 15, 16, 17, and 20, those days in june, are makeup days. monday, june 20 is the last day of school. classes do let out two hours early. so there is that. >> and we probably won't be adding to that number. >> we are pretty safe at this point. >> not that it can't snow a little more. but the snow just doesn't stick this time of the year. >> it is not a closing worth of snow. >> not going to happen. beautiful right now. >> beautiful. >> full moon. did you catch it last night. >> no i was asleep. >> check this out. evan, a photographer friend of mine, one of his hobbies caught this
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a plane going across it. the full moon was this morning, but technically, we will take that as the full moon last night. and we thank evan for his contribution. and look at this briewfl picture, of the tidal -- beautiful picture of the tidal basin. the cherry blossoms. and all of the people around, all over the place. busy. but you know if you don't get there in the next few days we may have some wind issues, as we get into friday that blows some of blossoms off. this afternoon, more sun. i know we had a lot of clouds this morning. but more sun. highs in the low, possibly the mid-70s in a few spots. and then if you are planning to be out this evening, looking pretty good. the sunsets 7:24. and our evening temperatures in the 60s. so our weather headlines, pleasantly warm today. and tomorrow. and it is going to become a little breezy tomorrow. we could have gusts thursday, in the 30, 35 mile-an-hour range in the afternoon. and some showers late thursday night. into friday. and midday now. and we may have to go with a yellow weather alert for friday morning. and then some clearing, i'm hopeful, some clearing, by friday afternoon. but in any ev
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looks dry and mild. a little bit cooler saturday then sunday and right now 61 at national. but manassas is 70. tappahannock is 70. and 66 in reedville. mid to upper 60s in the shenandoah valley. and in the mountains, in the 50s out there. pretty nice. and in washington, one more look at the cherry blossoms. why not, right? 61. officially at the moment, still cloudy with a south wind at 14 miles per hour. but we don't have too many gusts over 20 at this point. there is a lot of cold air. look at this. in the rockies here. we are almost into april and the temperature today is only going to top out at 33 in denver. and 72 here, and lots of 70s in the south. big storms going on. this is the problem in denver. they are seeing snow and some of it is going to be locally heavy and this is extending through the dakotas and in through southern minnesota. and meanwhile, we are on the warm side of life. front is up here. way up here. and probably along north of i- 90. if you will. and because of that, the warm air continues, southwesterly winds continue with us, and for this afternoon, and for the evening, and in fact tonight, not terribly cold
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and might be able to leave the windows open a crack. and tomorrow, even warmer and windier. i think we could be in the mid- 70s just about everywhere tomorrow. and then we watch, the threat for these showers, looks like they will try to get here friday morning. through midday. and 2:00, still got a bunch of showers around on the future cast. and this is a little bit slower, i am hoping this is an outliar and we can get rid of this in the morning but we will clear out in time for the coming weekend. the three-day forecast. today, 72. and partly nny here. and breezy at times. tonight, 54 in town. with 40s. upper 40s in the cool spots and 75 tomorrow. and with winds gusting over 30 at times. and then i am thinking mainly morning showers, might last to midday, cooler, 64 on friday. and the weekend, saturday, 64. also. and sunday, looks pretty good for easter. highs near 70. a light jacket headed out to service early. showers returning monday into tuesday. we will return right after this.
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and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on republicans - for all of us. republican presidential candidate ted cruz is now calling for an increase in patrols in muslim neighborhoods in the wake of the brussels terror attacks. tonight on wusa 9 at 5:00, we ask residents in parts of our area how they might think that would go over if it happened. plus, dc mayor muriel bowser is calling for a $15 minimum wage in dc. we will talk to some business owners and some workers tonight, again all on wusa 9 at 5:00. and if you can get outside for lunch today, today is a great day to do it. >> tomorrow may be a little breezy. but it will still be mild. mid-70s. cherry blossoms, next few days. going to be fine. and then we look at some rain, potentially yellow weather alert for friday. but drying out for easter weekend. and more showers eay
12:28 pm
week. so not that bad at all today or tomorrow. we have all of the numbers in the 70s and 60s on the seven- day forecast. that is a good thing. >> hello spring. >> that will do it. >> that's howard bern stein: i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. back at 5:00. and don't forget the
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>> granddaughter's in and out of here a lot. >> victor: yeah. there's a complaint? >> just saying. she's good about coming to see you. >> victor: what? are you taking notes perhaps for the edification of the district attorney that my granddaughter's the only consistent visitor? is that it? >> you expecting anyone else today? >> victor: one more person. >> lawyer? >> victor: that's right. he's working on my defense. trial starts tomorrow. >> phyllis: michael. if you want to back out of this, i'm not gonna like it. but i understand. >> michael: i'm not backing out. >> phyllis: i understand the risk you're taking. >> michael: i'm risking it willingly, phyllis. i will not allow victor to elude justice again. >> phyllis: thank you. at


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